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This Week in Workouts

Hi guys!

I thought I’d do a quick post on what’s happening in my fitness world this week. I’ve been upping the cardio quite a bit to try and drop some of the weight that has been piling itself on since Andrew and I started dating. I definitely want to continue strength training, but losing some of the weight so that I can fit and look good in my wedding dress is the priority right now. And so far I’ve lost four pounds! I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like I can already see it in my face and how my clothes fit. It’s a sigh of relief, to be quite honest.

So onto the workouts!

  • Monday: 1 hour bike at gym
  • Tuesday: 30 minute run, 15 minute stair master
  • Wednesday: 30 minute run, 30 minute bike
  • Thursday: upper body strength, 30 minute run or stair master
  • Friday: 1 hour cardio to be decided! Possibly yoga?
  • Saturday: lower body strength, 30 min bike
  • Sunday: rest

As I’ve told Andrew, I’m just feeling good. I think with gaining over thirty pounds I was really starting to feel sluggish. Even though I’m tall (almost 5’11”!), thirty pounds is a heck of a lot to gain. My clothes started fitting funny or not fitting at all, and I’m really looking forward to getting back into some of my favorite jeans and cute dresses. Plus, I just keep thinking about my wedding dress and how I want to look and feel on my wedding day.

I know that Andrew is concerned that losing weight will trigger my ED. But I’m trying to be careful and resist any bingeing urges so that purging is not even an option. And honestly, after this year, I will be happy to eat a little bit more than I’m eating right now. I already swore to Andrew that on our honeymoon (to Disney World!!!) I will really relax and let myself eat and enjoy with no guilt, worries, or weight-talk. But for now, I just want to feel better and I know I will feel more comfortable and confident in my body if I just drop some pounds.

My goal is between 25 and 30 pounds but I never know what’s gonna happen with my body and metabolism and the scale. It’s unpredictable. So I’m going to try and be nice to myself and relaxed through this process. Anyone who knows me knows this will be difficult, but luckily I’ve got my love to help and support me with his calm and laid back personality. It’ll be interesting if nothing else!

Hope you have a great Thursday!

This Week in Workouts

It’s Monday once again!

Yes, I’m mourning the end of my long, relaxing holiday weekend. However, Monday is always a nice fresh start and the week stretches out before you with possibility.

One of the things that motivates me every Monday is planning out our workouts for the week. On tap for this week:

  • Monday: upper body strength at the gym
  • Tuesday: 6 am Hatha yoga class
  • Wednesday: lower body strength at the gym
  • Thursday: 6 am Hatha yoga class
  • Friday: full body strength at the gym
  • Saturday: moderate run (4-5 miles)
  • Sunday: rest day (The Little Mermaid in Seattle!)

I’m telling you guys, I’m actually loving this strength/yoga heavy workout schedule. I’ve definitely started to notice a small amount of new muscle in my legs and I do believe it is going to help my running and triathlon in the upcoming season.

My healthy eating and sugar detox seems to be helping a lot in fueling my workouts. When I was running a lot and restricting calories, every workout left me feeling run down, fatigued, and slightly sick. Now I’m able to push myself and I feel strong and badass! I know it should be common sense, but I just never realized how different and good clean eating and strength training could feel!

Our tentative dinner meal plan for the week:

I’m really excited to be in Seattle on Sunday and to find some yummy, exciting, healthy food. Any suggestions?

Well, that’s the plan for the week, but we will see how we feel each day. Things may get switched around. But I’m excited for the week and especially The Little Mermaid! I hope you guys have a great Monday!!

This Weeks Workouts and Dinner Meal Plans

Hey y’all!

I thought that it would be fun to talk about mine and Andrew’s plans this week for our fitness and dinner! I love reading other people’s blogs for meal plans and workout ideas. One reason I started blogging was because I’ve gained so much knowledge and inspiration from the blogs I follow. I hope that I can do the same for other people.

Workout plans

  • Monday: Rest day [normally we take our rest day on Friday or a weekend, but yesterday I was exhausted]
  • Tuesday: Upper body and core strength training at the gym
  • Wednesday: 60 minute Hatha yoga class
  • Thursday: 6 AM 60 minute Hatha yoga class
  • Friday: Lower body and core strength training at the gym
  • Saturday: Either a hike or a moderate (5-6 miles) run, TBD
  • Sunday: Full body strength training at the gym

This spring and summer was our triathlon season (My third, Andrew’s first), so our fitness schedule was completely FILLED with running, biking, and swimming. At that point we didn’t do much else because it was so important to get all of our specific training hours in for each sport. By the time the season came to an end, I was completely burnt out on triathlon.

My training for triathlon season had started in December, as my first race of the season was a big and early one: Ironman 70.3 Texas in Galveston on April 10th.


So we decided to take some time in off season to not swim, not bike, limit running. Not only were we tired of so much of those three sports, but we knew that in order to get faster and better, we needed to do more strength training. Yoga was a natural supplement, and also something we both enjoy. This fitness schedule is something that’s completely different than what I’m used to, but I’m really enjoying it!

Since deciding to eat cleaner (wanting to fuel myself properly for all of the muscle building), I’ve been very excited to get on Pinterest and rustle up some dinner recipes. I usually either go to the “Healthy Recipes” section or search “Clean Eating Recipes” to look for things that Andrew and I will both enjoy.

Dinner plans:

  • Monday: Fend for yourself day haha! (there’s always at least one of these during the week)
  • Tuesday: Frittata with broccoli, caramelized onions, and mushrooms based off this recipe:
  • Wednesday: No real recipe, but we will be having whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce and chicken Italian sausage
  • Thursday: Marinated grilled chicken (we just put chicken in a bag with teriyaki sauce for a few hours) and balsamic roasted veggies:
  • Friday: “Eggroll in a bowl” using turkey sausage instead of pork, and adding teriyaki and sriracha to the sauce
  • Saturday: TBD
  • Sunday: TBD

Saturdays and Sundays are always a little more relaxed. We may choose to cook something a little more complicated, or decided to grab some pita pit or sushi. For the most part, I stick to recipes when I cook; however, I’m not afraid to change things to fit our tastes. Example: I know that Friday’s meal will taste better with sauces other than just soy sauce added to it.

Also, I don’t always stick to the meals I have planned for the week. Yesterday I had planned to make the frittata we will make today, but I was just too tired. And that is nothing to feel bad about! You need to have a plan, but also be flexible and not put too much pressure on yourself.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at our food and fitness for the week. If you would like some other dinner ideas or have any questions, let me know in the comments! Have a great Tuesday!


Child’s Pose and Green Cups

Sooooo… New Starbucks cups?  Personally, I like the green. Even though supposedly the traditional red cups will be released soon, I think green is a nice change! It still screams HOLIDAYS! And there’s nothing I love more than the holidays.

10262042_10208568138347190_1977446436578810745_n 10277501_10208568138307189_2369700867073195415_n

(Pictures from our gingerbread house contest last year. Guess which is Andrew’s and which is mine?)

Anyway, a coffee was necessary after our morning yoga class. A class at 6 am always comes earlier than you think it will. And for some reason, my back was killing me all session! My spinal strengthening series was non-existent. I spent most of that time in child’s pose trying to stretch my lower back muscles. Is there really any yoga pose more comforting than child’s pose? Though I have to admit, I am a big fan of tree and pigeon poses as well. Anything I can just sink into and relax.

I may post again tonight if the motivation hits me. Andrew and I are trying to cook more and eat healthier so our dinner should be yummy!

What do you think about the green Starbucks cups?

What are your favorite yoga poses?