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Hi guys!

It’s been a while! That’s completely my fault. Andrew and I have definitely been busy, but during this holiday time I just wanted to take some time to slow down, relax with my family, and consider where I want to go with the blog.

Now of course, fitness, health, and weight loss have all been extremely important parts of my life and will continue to be, in addition to eating disorder recovery. But my life is also much more than that, and I started the blog to be a lifestyle blog, not just a fitness blog. So I think I want to branch out and do a wider variety of posts. I tried to step out a bit with my top 5 winter skincare products, and I liked the way that post turned out, so I will continue to write what feels good and right at the time. Hopefully you will enjoy reading it!

Because it’s been a while since I posted, I figured I would catch you up on what’s been happening in Andrew’s and my life recently.

[gratuitous and adorable cat and dachshund snuggle shot]

Last week was a busy and hard week before Christmas. I had a couple of difficult situations at work that I was dealing with, so a night out with two of my bridesmaids was much needed! We went Wednesday night to a local place called Grapes and Crepes, which I highly recommend! I had a couple of glasses of Riesling, which is one of my favorite kinds of wine!

We talked and talked and ended up closing the place down at 9:00 after catching up for three hours! My sweet maids gave me a fun bachelorette dice game and I was able to give them their bridesmaid “proposal” boxes. Here’s a pic of the outside of one, but I don’t want to post the inside since two of my bridesmaids haven’t received theirs yet:

I can’t wait to get everyone together before the wedding! I have such wonderful, awesome people as bridesmaids.

Then on Friday, Andrew, my mother, my brothers, and I drove to Yakima to eat lunch together at Applebee’s. I have to say that the food was not great, but it was nice to eat lunch with my family. After lunch my mom took me to Ulta and I shopped my little heart out, snagging two Peter Thomas Roth face masks that I’ve been coveting for a while: the Irish moor mud mask and the pumpkin enzyme mask.  PS: the pumpkin mask smells like straight up pumpkin pie and worked wonders on my skin, helping clear some of the dry patches and texture after just one use! Love!

Then my mom and I drove to a place called JS Nails to get our nails done, which I was super excited about. My nails have been very fragile and splitty lately, so getting them done was a treat. I chose purple and gold for the playoff game on December 31st between Alabama and UW. Go Huskies!!

Sunday was Christmas of course, and it was a nice, relaxing holiday with the family. We ate homemade breakfast casserole and opened presents. My mom gave me some fun things including a Betty Crocker original reproduction cookbook with favorite recipes highlighted and kitchen chopping shears!

My fitness was so-so this week. I only ended up going to the gym three times, but I made sure to get a nice sweaty half-hour on the bike on Christmas Eve before the indulgence of the next day!

Last week ended up being wonderful, although the slightest bit stressful. Aren’t the holidays always a bit stressful?

Things I’m looking forward to this week: the playoff game, New Years Eve, seeing my other two bridesmaids, and just hanging out with my fiancé! I’ll be sure to pop in for a few more posts. Have a great day!

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