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Daily Archives: December 12, 2016

Santa Runs Tacoma Half Marathon Race Report

Hi guys!

So I hope you like this schedule of posting only a few times a week. I just don’t feel like I have enough going on to justify a daily posts, and this way the posts I do make will be longer and hopefully more interesting!

Anyway, let’s talk about yesterday. Our last half marathon/race of the season was scheduled to be the Santa Runs Tacoma race on December 10th. Initially I was very excited about this race. First of all, it’s a Christmas race, and you all know how I’m obsessed with Christmas. Second of all, this is the last race of three that we’ve done in the Tacoma series, and we get a special medal for completing it!

But after a week of checking the weather forecast (40 and raining) and overanalyzing how little running training I’ve done lately, I started feeling unsure.

We woke up on Saturday at 6:00 to eat and get dressed. For breakfast I had one packet of apples and cinnamon oatmeal and two spoonfuls of peanut butter. I’ll say right now, this was not enough food. I was starving by mile 3 on the racecourse, started getting fatigued way too early for my liking, and of course had failed to pack any fuel for the course. More on that later.

After we ate, we drove about a half hour to Tacoma and found a parking garage near the start. Andrew went and picked up our packets while I stood in line to pay for the parking.

We only had about fifteen minutes before the race started, plenty of time to use the restroom. Something great about this race was they had plenty of port-a-potties so the lines were very short!

There were lots of people dressed up in festive running outfits. Tutus, funny hats, even a few people in Christmas pajamas. Two Santas were bopping around and spreading Christmas cheer: one traditional Santa and one that was slightly more… colorful!

After a few more minutes of standing around in the cold, they started counting down to the start of the race! I felt the familiar jolt of nervous energy and we were off!

The first few miles of this race, I felt great. We were cruising along at a good pace (for me) and my legs were staying strong, which is a testament to all the strength training that we’ve been doing lately. However, I definitely have not been running enough and started to lose steam fairly quickly, which indicates a need to build my endurance back up.

We started out in downtown Tacoma. I didn’t take any pictures there because the scenery was fairly boring. At about mile five, we headed out down by the water, and had at least one nice view to one of our sides for the majority of the race.

When I got tired, we started doing what I call “intuitive intervals,” running and walking to certain landmarks based on how we [I] felt. At this point, I was STARVING! Luckily at around mile 8 they had a station with chia seed gels and I was able to take one on the way out and two on the way back for a burst of energy. We finally reached the turn-around of the out-and-back section around mile 9, and I incredibly happy to be heading back toward the finish line. I don’t think there’s any higher joy than seeing a turn-around during a race.

Around mile 11, I gave up on intervals all together and knew we would have to walk the rest of the race in. I was having foot and hip pain due to not having ran enough lately, and was getting some major chafing on my thighs. But once I saw mile 12, I knew that we were almost finished and I started speeding up towards the finish and that Christmas medal!

With Andrew’s encouragement, we ran [painfully jogged] it in! They even pronounced my name correctly as we came across the finish line! They handed us our sparkly medals and we started hobbling back up to our parked car. The race does not start and finish at the same point, so that is something to keep in mind if you want to run this one!

Our first priority after the race was food, and thankfully, there was a Pita Pit right across from the garage where we parked our car! We both snarfed down a pita and three collective bags of salt and vinegar chips! My pita had chicken breast, grilled mushrooms, pickles, olives, onions, spinach, feta, and balsamic vinaigrette. Yum!

After lunch, we got in the car and slowly drove home. That evening and the next day were filled with plenty of movie watching, food eating, and recliner sitting! All in all, I’m very happy that we went and completed the race. It was a good test for Disney in January and the medal is just adorable!

Well, I hope you guys all had a great weekend and have a good Monday!